Welcome to Empowering Change

A supportive, safe space for creatives navigating change. #DontGoItAlone

Ready for a Change?

Whether you are choosing change or feeling besieged by it, don't go it alone!

Change is fundamentally hard. Choosing change requires commitment, clarity, support & skill-building. 

Navigating the process, personally, professionally or systemically, requires safe spaces. So whether your need is to create a safe space – 

Personally – to identify patterns, throw off old habits, distance yourself from crazy-makers in your life or quiet your undermining self-talk;

Professionally – to address the obstacles to getting ahead at work or gain clarity about whether the work is in sync with your values and goals;

Civically – to participate more fully as a citizen, a volunteer or a mentor

…the work begins when we make up our minds that the pain of changing outweighs the pain of staying stuck.

Why Join Us?

Sustaining even small changes is hard, friends and family may long for the “old you”. We're here to provide structure and an encouraging tribe of supportive peers - also committed to bringing a better version of themselves to the world.

Thank you!